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#1 Most Creative Website Designer in Lagos.

A true web agency adopts a dynamic approach to building a brand. A website should not just draw attention. It should attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time, and they appear ill-dressed with uncombed hair, and a very rough appearance. That person would look uncultured to you, right?

Exactly! This is why you need to think carefully before hiring your next website designer in Lagos. Often at times, a poorly-designed website will scare your customers to the point of closing the tab as fast as they opened it.

As a creative website designer in Lagos, we know nothing beats a first impression. This is why we put serious thinking and effort into your project before publishing it for the world to see.

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Is Website Design Really Worth the Stress?


Your website is the face of your brand, and it's probably the first thing you customer checks online in order to confirm how genuine and trustworthy your business is.

So, putting serious effort into making it stand out should be your top-most priority because it is the first social proof that will nudge your customers into trusting your brand.

Have you visited a website before and realized you've spent too much time on it just because the design is beautiful?

Your website should have this wow-effect on your visitors too. And with the help of a Lagos web design company like Tech O'Clock, you will will build trust fast through your website.

And how will we achieve this? Very simple. We will create a website for your business that is super fast, responsive, user-friendly and most importantly, conversion-optimized.

How Much Does a Web Design Service Cost in Lagos?

Well, it really depends on who you ask. A lot of factors can determine the cost of a website design service in Lagos. But nobody knows what you want on your website, except you. Use the sliders below to get an instant quote.

This will give you an estimate of what it might cost you to build a website based on your needs.


All our hosting plans run on servers that store data on solid-state drives (SSDs)


This doesn’t affect the price. All our websites are responsive by default.


This includes high DA backlinks with social signals.


Gives you the ability to restore your website if you have any issue.

This is just an estimate. Your final quote might be lower or higher depending on the current market price.


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    As a Creative Website Designer in Lagos, We Know How to Make Your Business Stand Out.

    Here's how we do it!

    Capture the interest of your visitors.

    Fun fact: Did you know that 75% of online users judge a business by its website design? What this means is that the look of your website can make or break your business.

    website designer in Lagos
    Source: Kinesis Inc.

    A poorly designed website doesn't build trust online. And getting your website visitors to trust you determines whether you earn a customer for life or not. Just look at the stats.

    Tech O'Clock has built more than 63 websites in different industries and most niches. Our creative approach to building a website has earned us a lot of award. So, creating a website that builds trust is what we call, our super power.

    Create a blue ocean.

    The internet is full of competition and many hungry sharks. The competition on the internet is so fierce that the ocean has turned bloody red! So how do you stand out?

    You need to create a fresh blue ocean of your own. The truth is—the internet is full marketers trying to sell basically the same thing to a small number of consumers. And these consumers are bored and tired of seeing the same design and approach over and over again.

    We can help your brand stand out by creating a website that sells your brand in a unique way. A new ocean that is very different from what consumers are used to. As a website designer in Lagos with a solid experience building websites, we know how to make you stand out.

    Build your own true fans.

    In 2008, a popular editor, Kevin Kelly shocked the world by saying that " you only need 1000 true fans to succeed in any business". And as you must have guessed, the fastest way to reach that number is to build a solid follower base with your website.

    Here's how. When we create your website, we not only optimize it for speed and accessibility. We also add social media buttons on all important pages to keep your social shares up.

    This is how you create a "cult" of your own. You see, any website that adds value to the lives of an audience will receive huge amount of social shares naturally. And the only way to add value is by creating regular articles and content on your unique website.

    Boost your social media presence.

    You are probably wondering how website design syncs with social media. Well, it's known fact that nothing sells faster than "word-of-mouth". It's basically the bread and butter of marketing.

    With your website, you can link your social media pages directly to give your visitors direct access to your social media accounts. This will reduce the number of fake accounts internet fraudsters create to trick your customers into buying from them.

    Also, when your website link is shared around the world, people will be able to see the original link of your social media accounts thus boosting your social signals on Google and other search engines. The more visitors share your website links, the more your social media followers.

    Show up on all smart devices.

    A study conducted by Hootsuite gathered that more than 53% of all online searches now come from smartphones. This means it is now more important than ever to make your website super responsive and fast across all device-types.

    As a website designer in Lagos with over 8 years building fast and responsive websites, we couldn't agree more. While a vast majority still access a website from their PC, the growth of new mobile users keeps soaring every year.

    web designer in Lagos
    Source: Hootsuite

    Gone are the days when you can only access the smaller version of a desktop website on mobile phones. Can you remember the pain and struggle of having to zoom in and out to read the corners of that boring website? Your visitors shouldn't go through that struggle too.

    It leaves a lasting bad impression on your users. This is why it is very crucial that you hire a website designer in Lagos that understands the implications of having a website that is NOT responsive. All of our websites, including your own will look great on all devices, big or small.

    So, get in touch with us today for that conversion-focused website. Remember, we are just a click away, and ready to meet your needs, no matter how complicated.

    Want a Conversion-Ready Website?

    Cheap Website Designer In Lagos: Our 3-Step Process

    Optix Limited 1
    Optix Limited's Website Project

    1. Consultation

    The first step is to schedule a one-on-one meeting or call with you to ask a series of questions about your business, the products or services you offer as well as your competitors.

    We will use this information to craft out a way for your business to stand out and put your competitors in the ground.

    Crafting a unique way for your business is what determines whether your business thrives in the coming years or not.

    Building unique websites is why we called rated the #1 most creative website designer in Lagos by DesignRush.

    2. Wire-frame

    Once we have all the information about your business, the next action we take is to create a “wire-frame” of your website. This shows you exactly what to expect from us.

    Depending on how complex your project is, expect to see uploaded designs every week, so you know the status of your project. FYI, If you don’t like something on the website, we change it immediately. You are always in control.

    3. Final Design

    At this stage, your website is ready to do its major job—convert your prospects into customers. It is also at this stage that we implement all the strategies necessary to scale your business.

    We will optimize your new website for conversion and speed, but most importantly; put your business in front of the people who need your services with search engine optimization (SEO).

    Recent Projects

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our clients want answers to these questions.

    Before we get started on your project, we will give you a website questionnaire to fill. You will also give us some of the websites you like so we know exactly what you want.

    Equipped with this information and our creativity, we will create the best website that represents your brand.

    We are the fastest website designer in Lagos when it comes to project execution. Our average turn around time is three weeks depending on how complicated your project is.

    This rarely happens because we will send you a rough draft before we publish your website. During the revision stage, you have complete control over what should be added or removed from your website.

    We will use WordPress to design your website because it is most used content management system (CMS) in the world.

    The WordPress community has a huge plugin support and it’s very beginner friendly too. So, you will be able to manage it on your own, if you choose to.

    You can check our previous WordPress projects here.

    Yes, we do. You can hire us to maintain your website for you. You can either choose the “pay-as-you-use” plan or you can opt in for the unlimited plan which covers everything from software updates to content writing.

    Please, contact us if you need more information about our website maintenance service.

    For a website redesign, your website won’t be offline till we’ve completed your project and is ready for upload.

    For a new website, we will design your website on a local host before uploading on your URL.

    However, during development, we will put up a maintenance notice on your website’s URL.

    Our office is located at #66, Old Otta Road,? Alimosho, Lagos. But we have closed our office for now due to? COVID-19. All of our staffs currently work from home with full salary.

    We care about our staffs and their families.

    Aside from the website questionnaire you need to fill, we will need the login details to your hosting and domain account, if you have one already.

    You will also need to send us your brand logo, images and the content you want us to add to your new website.

    If you don’t have a logo or website copy, we can arrange all these for a small fee. Contact us to know more.

    Think of website hosting as a physical land you need to build your house (website) on. However, before we can start building, we need to first rent a space monthly or yearly, depending on how long we plan to stay there.

    A domain name is your unique web address that directs visitors to your website. You can also call it a URL.

    You can think of a domain name as the physical address you need for customers to find your business.

    Example of a domain name is:

    It depends on your needs and how fast you want your website to load for your visitors. You can see our list of recommended web hosting companies in Nigeria.

    But as a premium website designer in Lagos, we always use the best web hosting service money can buy for your website. And this is either BlueHost or Hostinger.

    For your domain registration, we recommend Qservers for all Nigerian domain names such as; .NG, .COM.NG and so on. But for popular TLDs such as; .COM, .ORG and so on, Namecheap is your go-to place.

    No, you can always hire us to to help you write your website content. But it will make things easier and faster if you give us something to work with.

    This will serve as a guide so that we will be able to tell your brand story perfectly and in a way you’d love.

    The only image required on your part is your brand logo which must be on a white or transparent background.

    But aside that, we will use stock images that resonates with your brand without charging you extra for these images.

    We are not your typical website designer in Lagos. Our web design agency is home to one of the best graphics artist in Nigeria, Nudimod.

    Although, our web design agency is based in Lagos, our web design service is available to you, no matter your location.

    We have clients all over Nigeria, and in tier one countries like the United States, Germany, UK, Canada and Italy.

    We included Lagos in our title because we want this page to rank for the keyword—website designer in Lagos.

    It is an SEO trick meant for search engines, not you.

    Want a Conversion-Ready Website?